Why Garfield Cat Litter

All Natural odor control

Plant-based tropical formula, no fragrances or chemicals added

Flushable and Bio

100% natural ingredients
and flushable

Health Care

Dust free and white color helps detecting
changes in the cat's urine
(like blood presence).

Perfect Clumping

Convenience and practicality

It's time to say goodbye to smells and
mess, and hello to clean and fresh!

Garfield Cat Litter meets the challenge regarding safety, cleanliness, practicality and odor control. It's 100% natural and biodegradable. Watch our promotional video and order now the cat litter that will make your life easier.
Your cat will thank you!

Who's talking about us

The perfect litter

I've had cats for 20 years and this litter is game-changing! By far the best cat litter available. It is dust free, clumps miraculously well, masks odors without the chemical-like smells many other litters have, does not stick to my cats paws, and is definitely flushable. I've bought both the green and purple packs (different granularity) and am extremely satisfied with both - having trouble picking my favorite! I'm extremely pleased and look forward to telling fellow cat lovers all about my new discovery!

Amazon customer

Very cool! Zero smell and flushes very easily!

I've tested the litter and was immedately pleasantly surprised upon seeing it was a much lighter color than usual. Makes the litter look super clean. The fact that it is flushable is great and it clumps very fast. I've also dunked my hand into the bag and it came out as clean as it went in. There is extremely little dust. Very impressed with the product.

Amazon customer

The best cat litter!!!

I have been using Garfield Cat Litter for two months now and I am so glad this product exists! I have three cats living in an apartment and dealing with litter box has always being challenging. First it has high absorbency like no other litter I've used in years. Second, it eliminates the strong odor of urine - imagine how bad it can be when you have three cats in an apartment! Now our house is odor free and, what's best, naturally. I am always concerned about chemicals on litter because cats lick themselves all the time. I also love to scoop and flush the clumps, making it much easier for me to clean.

Amazon customer

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